Default Password for Netopia 3000

Question: During the setup I was prompted to enter the user name and password I cant find any user name on the device. Initial setup was done by Internet service company. How do I find the user name and password for this router.

Answer: Netopia is popular for broadband products including ADSL, Cable/DSL modems, wired and wireless routers, gateways, and Wi-Fi devices.

Default password for Netopia 3000 (Motorola)  DSL modem

Default IP address: (Use Internet explorer to access this page)
Username: admin
Password: serial number of the device OR find the Direct Access Code mentioned underneath the device.

Default Password Netopia 3000

Netopia Router Model Numbers

Netopia – 2210-02 (AT&T Firmware)

Netopia – 2241N-VGX (BellSouth Firmware)

Netopia – 2241N-VGX (Netopia Firmware)

Netopia – 2247-02 (Eircom Firmware)

Netopia – 2247NWG-VGx (Eircom Firmware)

Netopia – 3346N-VGx (Motorola Italian Firmware)

Netopia – 3347-02 (Qwest Firmware)

Netopia – 3347NWG-006 (Netopia Firmware)

Netopia – 3351

Netopia – 4542

Netopia – 7357-84 (Motorola Italian Firmware)

Netopia – Cayman 3346-006 (Netopia Firmware)

Netopia – Netopia 7100

Netopia – Netopia 9500

Netopia – Netopia 9500

Netopia – R910

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  1. Edward Kerl
    Edward Kerl December 2, 2012 at 6:41 pm | | Reply

    I am a ATT internet customer and am using a Netopia Modem, with a model number of 3347-02. The serial number is 136441650816.
    The MAC code is 001FC48E5E80.
    We had our iMac get hacked and I have tried to reset the user name and password for my modem, but I have failed and neither AT&T or myself can figure out how to determine what the proper user name or password is for resetting the codes.
    We have a wireless printer and it will not work now, without my telling it what the proper codes are.
    I have tried using admin for the user name and both the serial number and the MAC code for the password, but both have failed.
    Can you please tell me how I can regain control of the modem when I enter its IP address ( into the address line of my internet browser.

    Thanks for your help!!!
    Ed Kerl

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  2. vinod kumar
    vinod kumar December 12, 2012 at 6:17 pm | | Reply

    Hi Edward

    Every netopia modem comes with two types of sticker.
    1;- that contains your serial num and mac adress
    2;- which contains a device access code

    Now try putting admin ( all in lower case) as the user name,and the “device access code as the password’.

    It will work !!! Well it has to work anyway.. If anyhow you lost that sticker on the box,seek to go for a replacement because there is now way to retrieve the device access code after you loose the sticker..

    Hope that works and a merry christmas in advance. :-)

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  3. L. Cleveland Major
    L. Cleveland Major December 31, 2013 at 3:56 pm | | Reply

    I am using a free Wi Fi service that is provided by the landlord where I live. It is obviously a netopia device, because I keep getting the popup that asks for the user name and access code. I have talked with the landlord about this problem, as I do not have either of them. As it is, I should not be having this pop up on my screen, because I am not the administrator of the device. If this is not the case, what further can I do to get the service to be accessible for my PC? I did a Windows check for the problems several times, and was unable to discover anything.
    This causes me grief quite often, because a lot of times when I am composing a message at a forum and I click the Post button, the popup appears and the entire message is lost! Could there be some type of filter that is causing this? What can be done to fix this problem?

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